Business Description

Qalbi Group

In conjunction of the His Majesty’s Titah stated on the 29th of August 2012, His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam acknowledged the crucial role of the private sector and state-owned enterprises in spurring the country's economic development and urged them to leverage on the government's many initiatives in aiding the sector's expansion and growth.

Qalbi Group was built on a strong foundation of belief where through spiritual power, strength and insight, will move a person forward to success. Our company believed with such characteristics of dedication and goodwill built-in to our employees and mindsets, we could achieve the vision of His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam in becoming a self-sufficient country and in developing the economy of the country, while lessening the burden of the people who are struggling to get employment.


The overall objective of Qalbi Group is to fulfill the motivation gap in our society, while supporting Brunei’s Vision 2035. Qalbi Group’s mission is to work with regional countries and G20 countries to bring the best into Brunei, which providing our people the experience.


Qalbi Group (QG) is a recent established private local company which is registered on 19th September 2012. It carries a vision of becoming the key facilitator of Brunei’s business development to international market. With QG's strategic plans, we may stimulate job creation for the people of Brunei and develop the Small and Medium Enterprise of market shares in the region. With the recent success collaboration with CAE Inc, QG also have similar role in aiding established local businesses for ASEAN and regional market to grow and create inflow of jobs into Brunei Darussalam. The key role would be to create international relationship that brings opportunities to established local Small and Medium Enterprises while supporting His Majesty’s Brunei Vision 2035 and Local Business Development plan of job creation and competency development.

Currently, QG has a strong and dedicated team working hard to assist the government and to provide the best services to our clients. QG believed that it can become a trusted private local company to support His Majesty’s government performance gap in the nation development and help develop the nation through international networking and facilitation. Ultimately, the vision is to have Brunei as the most advanced nation and trusted marketplace in the Asia-Pacific region to source for quality products and services.