About Us

Presently, Qalbi Group consists of three enterprises under its wings which are Qalbi Enterprise, Qalbi Electronic Services and Quality Electronic Maintenance Services.

Qalbi Enterprise (QE) is established and registered on the 2nd of November 2006. It is a division that focuses on consultancy offered for the clients and partners of Qalbi Group.

Quality Electronic Maintenance Services (QEMS) is established and registered on the 12th of October 2011, where its business nature is to import, export and supply equipment for the Government of Brunei Darussalam, whereas Qalbi Electronic Services (QES) is established on the 10th of August 2004 as one of the registered local company in Brunei Darussalam. Qalbi Electronic Services (QES) and Quality Electronic Maintenance Services (QEMS) are interrelated where its business nature is solid Information Technology solutions.

Qalbi Electronic Services ‘s principal activities are supplying import and export equipment services and providing services maintenance to the Government of Brunei and supply and maintaining of military communication equipment and accessories. By the means of experiences, Qalbi Electronic Services (QES) has formed a well-structured organization, with a highly dynamic, experienced, trained and innovative technical teams and management staff of various professional disciplines.

On the other hand, Quality, Electronic Maintenance Service’s main aim is to be a company that is fully localized by providing job opportunities to those who have the enthusiasm for improvements. Through engaging with QEMS, they will also undergo professional trainings to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills that they require to perform the services for catering to the clients.

Training and Development

The training & development division is task to create the best learning environment for Asia to gather and learn; hence Brunei will create a dynamic learning environment from K-12, Vocational & Technical, University and Research environment. The success would a place where people (even the poor and less fortunate) of all ages will meet/grow in Brunei; hence it will create in-direct tourism to Brunei’s economy and keep the most educated people in Brunei (To create a knowledge-based economy, we need to create the best teaching and learning environment for all). Ultimately, Bruneian and HM's government will be recognized as the leading provider of competency development/capacity building in Asia.


The infrastructure division mission is to develop the nation of tomorrow through innovative approach and working with G20 countries; hence Bruneian will gain vast knowledge and experience through problem solving thus developing capabilities through international initiative (Helping the regional nation to develop their infrastructure). QG can develop capabilities in highways, streets, roads, and bridges; mass transit; airports and airways; water supply and water resources; wastewater management; solid-waste treatment and disposal; electric power generation and transmission; telecommunications; and hazardous waste management inclusive of building, housing, etc., thus with these capabilities HM's government can create inflow of goods and services, thus elevating import & exports numbers and lower cost to HM's government for local project where they’ll be healthy competition between suppliers. Ultimately, HM's government can rely on QG to support relief effort in regional countries disaster and has its own in-house capabilities.

Chemical Service Product Oil & Gas Trading

Our model is based on organic growth and strategic partnerships both for trading opportunities and asset origination. Partnerships with participants in the trading markets, global and local companies are a key role in our business and will undoubtedly continue to do so as we move forward. The company Business team in this area sector is led by seasoned experts predominately from trading and finance sectors. They have extensive experience in the import/export and banking sector both in developed and emerging markets. Their skill is in recognizing and evaluating partnership based opportunities that are fundamental to the realization of our vision.


The transportation division objective is to create the bridge that links Asia to Brunei, ultimately creating a network hub from land, air & sea transportation, as the key to future trade and goods delivery will rely on these transport linkages. This division business will be predominately on service industry from freight forwarding to transports/movement of good/people (RBA/DST) inclusive of MRO (servicing of transport mode – shipping yard, MRO for airlines to parts manufacturer for automotive/trucks.). One of the key objectives for Brunei to be successful is the movement of people and goods through Brunei; hence ultimately create a sustainable economy. The key benefit for Brunei will be cost effective measure in maintaining government owned transportation (RBA/DST) and ease of technical capabilities (trusted service provider). This will create inflow of quality jobs into Brunei while boosting the local trade economy.

Healthcare and Environment

The healthcare and environment division will mainly focus on the well-being of people from the food we eat to how we recycle it back to environment, creating a sustainable environment. Ultimately, one of the best services care provider in the region and one-stop healthcare centre in Asia with trusted international practice. The division business will focus mainly on food security, healthcare, and environment working with G20 countries. Thus ensuring Bruneian is healthy and well, where we are creating a prosperous nation which is the wealth of Brunei. With this initiative, Bruneian can eventually support regional disaster and relief effort in the region, which will eventually lead to Bruneian gaining valuable experience on healthcare and environmental competency and supporting HM's government Wawasan 2035 goals of knowledge based economy.

Information Communication Technology

The ICT division will be the focusing on developing the best IT infrastructure of Asia – the IT hub of Asia and where Asia gathers new technological advancement, creating an ICT environment for information sharing and best solution provided. The division business will target on working with best ICT companies in G8 countries and transfer their capabilities and knowledge to this region. Thus, creating a platform for Bruneian to be exposed to international arena and support regional needs. Ultimately, we’re providing much needed experience for Bruneian companies while developing their overall ICT competency. I trust this is achievable through the generous funding by HM government, hence it’ll support HM mission of ICT initiative and in creating jobs Bruneian next generation.