Industrial Chemicals

Our chemicals business unit supply a wide range of chemicals for industrial purposes - commodity chemicals, specialty chemicals and fine chemicals in accordance to our global clients demand.

We are also supplying a patented chemical solvent for the oil and gas companies to optimize their production output per barrel at a much cost effective way.

Plastics Polymer

Our plastics business unit is able to supply a wide range of prime and recycle plastics resin - commodity, engineering plastics resin for various industrial needs.

In addition, we are able to supply advanced composite materials such as fiber reinforced plastics and carbon fiber for the sports, construction, automotive, aviation and aerospace industry.


Fossil fuel is still the dominant source of energy driving the world economy.

Our energy business unit is able to supply steam coals, jet fuel and diesel to meet our global client needs.

In addition, we are able to supply methanol to meet our global clients’ requirement for clean energy.


Metal plays an important role in our everyday lives, being able to fabricate into artifacts ranging from building, automobiles to electronic circuitry. Lives would be completely different, without metals.

Currently, our business unit are supplying galvanize/un-galvanize aluminum (sheets and coils) and high purity tungsten bar 99.999% for automotive, electronics, aerospace, aviation applications.


Our food business unit supplies various natural food and processed food to meet our global clients food demand.

In addition, we are supplying industrial flavoring to meet our clients’ requirement in the Food & Beverage industry.